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Sarasota Tree Planting Service

When it comes to planting trees, Tim at Treescapes is your local, go-to guy for consultation, advice and planting trees. He’ll come look at your landscape, and give you ideas and suggestions on what trees to plant and where to plant them. Naturally, he can provide the tree planting services, too.

Why We Love Trees


Trees block excess sunlight and heat from coming into your home, providing natural cooling benefits and shade.


Trees make add texture to your yard while providing you with privacy from neighbors and passers by.

Muffle Noise

As natural sound barriers, trees can help block unpleasant noise and help your home feel much more quiet and calm.


Flowering trees add beauty with their colorful blooms. Their annual displays create a sense of place and belonging.


Trees provide homes for wildlife, giving birds and squirrels places to rest and nest. They also offer valuable food sources, such as pollen, nectar, fruits and nuts.


Fruit trees provide home-grown edibles for you and your family. You can grow a wide variety of fruit trees in Sarasota’s sub-tropical climate.


Trees convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen that we breathe. Trees also absorb odors and pollutant gases, and filter particulates out of the air.


Trees give off a grounding energy, creating a peaceful environment for contemplation and intimacy with nature and  our own minds:
The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.
The second best time is now.