Tree & Palm Tree Planting
Service in Sarasota

Treescapes, the Tree and Palm Planting Professionals, provides professional tree and palm planting services in Sarasota. No job too big or too small. Site evaluation, planning, design and planting. We are the tree and palm planting professionals. Call or contact us for a free estimate.

Trees and palm trees are priceless additions to your Sarasota landscape, adding value in many ways -- environmental, aesthetic, practical, economic, social and memorial. The right trees in the right locations provide shading and cooling, absorb noise and dust, provide habitat for wildlife, bear fruit, create barriers, delineate boundaries, and prevent water run-off and erosion.

Treescapes specializes in planting trees and palms suited for Sarasota's climate and environment:

High-End Landscape Maintenance

Treescapes specializes in lush, tropical landscapes in Sarasota. Our experienced crew is supervised by owner Tim Garrabrant, who has been in the landscape design, installation and maintenance business since 1985.

We provide complete landscape care -- mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, weeding, raking, blowing and debris removal -- so our clients' landscapes stay beautiful all year long. We consistently show up every week, so we get to know your property and care for it as if it were our own.